Wedding Shows 101

10 Tips and Tricks to Get the best out of attending a wedding show!

wedding shows

1.  Labels!!  You must make labels to register with the vendors at the show.  Otherwise, you will be doing a lot of writing!  So get printing before you go!!

Be sure to include the following information:

First and Last Names
Wedding Date
Email Address
Telephone/Text Contact Numbers

2.  Register online to attend the show.  Many show vendors offer complimentary admission tickets so check to see if free admission tickets are available.

3.  Follow the wedding show on social media.  Additional gifts and prizes can be offered through the social sites.

4.  Check out the vendor list on the wedding show's website.  This way you can find vendors in advance that you are interested in and be able to locate them at the show.  

5.  In addition to what the wedding show is giving away, check with the vendors.  Many offer additional gifts, savings or special promotions for registering at their booths.

Vendors pay (a lot)  to be at the shows and most are small entrepreneurs and local businesses in your area.  So please be nice.  We don't want to waste your time and be considerate of ours.  If you are not interested, say so nicely.

If you receive an email from a vendor that you are not interested in, just opt out or reply to please remove.  

Don't report the vendors as spam or say that you didn't sign up.  If you are at the show 99% for sure you signed up.  
You came to the show to find vendors to help with your wedding and honeymoon plans.  The vendors are there to offer their services for your big event!

​Custom & ​Luxury 
​Travel Specialist

6.  Stay to the end.  Most wedding shows the prizes are not drawn until the end of the show.

7.  Play to carry information you collect at the show.  You don't have to take everything from every vendor but know you will be picking literature and information packets from the vendors.  Many vendors have bags you can use.

8.  Bring your camera.  Take pictures of the vendors you are really interested in.  Once you get home sometimes it's hard to remember who you talked with and wanted to get information from.

9.  Be selective about who you bring with you to the show.  Having to keep up with a large posse can slow you down.  Bring only who is important and to help with decisions.

10. Remember when you register with a  wedding show or with a vendor at the show, you are giving them permission to contact you.  Do expect emails and phone calls from the vendors.