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I've gotten married, how do I change my name?

If you were born in the United States you can obtain a Certified Copy of your birth certificate by clicking the birth certificate below.

Red Parrot Travel highly recommends all US citizens to obtain a passport book.  It is good for 10 years and is the best for of identification when traveling.  To start the application process or a renewal click on the passport below.

Red Parrot Tip:  Be sure to get the passport book and not just the passport card.  The passport card can NOT be used when flying out or back into the United States.  You must have the passport book.

There are a number of different outlets to submit your passport application.  You do have to appear in person with your application and documentation.  Many and most locations require an appointment.  To find the nearest location to just click on the map below.

This video demonstrates how to apply for your passport.

How can I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?

How to I get a passport?

There is a great website that has all the details of how and where you need to update your new name.  Just click the Bride Kit below!

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Where do I submit my passport application?