1.  LABELS!  You will thank me!!  Print label with the names of the bride/groom, your wedding date, best contact email address and best contact phone/text number.  This will save you from having to fill out so much info at the vendor booths.

2.  Go on the show website before you go to see what vendors will be there so you can see which ones you don't want to miss.

3.  Make a list of the vendors you want to visit and their booth location.  

4.  If there is a floor plan on the wedding show website, download, and mark where your vendors' booths are located.

5.  Have your questions ready in your mind or make notes so you can ask the vendors questions that you want to be answered.

6.  Make sure you register on the wedding show site.  Many of the prizes are drawn from the registrations.

7.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  Some of the wedding shoes are huge, so you may have to cover a lot of convention space to meet with the vendors.

8.  Keep your posse to a minimum.  Trying to keep up with everyone with a big group in tow will keep you from finding your vendors.  

9.  Know that you will be leaving with brochures, business cards, and wedding-related items.  Be prepared to carry them around during the show.

10.  Be kind to the vendors.  In many cases, it is a two-day process to load in and get set up for the show.  This business is their career.  Many have paid a lot of money to participate in the wedding show and they are there for YOU!  If you are not interested a "thank you but I'm all set for my flowers, cake, honeymoon, pictures...is all that needs to be said."  


Stay to the end of the show.  Many prizes are given out at the end.  


Look for Tammy and Rick at the Red Parrot Travel booth at most Perfect Wedding Guide shows in Central Florida!!

Have you been to your first wedding show yet?  Or maybe you have been to several because you are still looking for your wedding vendors.

Red Parrot Travel has participated in wedding/bridal show for many years and we have 10 TIPS to give you a better wedding show experience!!

wedding show tips